The Deal- Thank You Lord For Being There


Dear Lord,

Thank you for your love, protection and for being there when we need you most. You have a way of showing up when we least expect it, in a form that completely surprises us. It may be you send a love one or sometimes a stranger to come to our aid in a way that completely surprises us. That is comforting to us, knowing that when we know your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ beautiful things happen in our lives.

Knowing you is a learning experience and sometimes we need to learn, we need to care for others,  and we need to know more about Jesus and His Love. Thank you Father God for lifting us up when only you know we need it, for healing us when we we need your healing, for teaching us to pray when we need to pray and for sacrificing your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ who saved us a long time ago on Calvary by giving His Life, so when we believe in Him we too will have eternal life.

It is a joy to know and love you and we thank you Lord as we continue on our journey to seal your commandments in our hearts and in our mind.  In Jesus name we ask it all and thank you for all you do………Amen!



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