Pitino May Weather The Storm At Louisville


It appears that Rick Pitino may have no knowledge of the stripper scandal at Louisville.  Or at least us Louisville fans would like to believe this scenario. It is a big mess to say the least. No one knows how this will play out and no one is talking. There is way too much thin ice. The strippers were on the View of all shows this morning trying to milk the book for all they can possibly get in terms of money. I’m like, NCAA please don’t take away our 2013 championship because of anything associated with this!

If Pitino is not guilty then who is going to step forward to accept the blame, apparently no one? I believe the details lie with those who were directly involved in this scandal. They aren’t talking at this point. The only person doing extensive talking is Katina Powell. This entire situation is unfortunate, an embarrassment to  the university and totally unacceptable. To have the strippers on the View just this morning is another eye opener.  Just another example of the world gone crazy, if you will. Let alone that strippers were in a college dorm. Where was the dorm monitor? This entire situation is mind boggling.

I don’t know what happened, but I want to know the truth. Someone with courage needs to step forward and own up to accountability. Ladies of the night or day should not profit off the name of Louisville Cardinal basketball! Shows like the View should resist the urge of giving these ladies an audience. We know that five players admitted to fraternizing with these ladies, that is damaging enough, however this scandal should not erase the accomplishments that Louisville basketball achieved over many years.

Louisville has a great tradition, that goes back to 1911, that’s well over 100 years and nothing of the sort has occured over the course of 100 years. The most successful coach Louisville ever had was Denny Crum. Here’s what Crum did for “The Ville”, 6 final fours, 1972,1975,1980, 1982, 1983,1986. Two national championships in 1980 and 1986. The Cardinals hired Rick Pitino as Head Coach in 2001. Pitino led the Cardinals to the Final Four in the 2005, 2012, and 2013 seasons, the last of which the team won the National Championship.

Both Crum and Pitino are Hall of Fame inductees. As you can see Louisville has a tremendous basketball pedigree and can ill afford to have anyone taint the legacy.



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