Keith Olbermann and Bill Simmons Let Go From ESPN



In a move to contain cost and increase cash flow, Keith Olbermann and Bill Simmons were laid off from ESPN.  Given the last few years where companies have not been shy about trimming their workforce this is certainly not a surprise. Olbermann and Simmons were both high cost employees, which explains why ESPN let them both go. It is certainly a sign of the times. It has now been over seven years since companies have chosen to improve their bottom line via layoffs, particularly to seasoned employees. Both men were accomplished and seasoned employees and both were in a word controversial.

The American workforce has seen a dramatic shift in how they do business, operating with a leaner workforce and doing it by releasing highly seasoned and well paid employees. This tactic may help the bottom line, however the quality of the product continues to suffer as a result. Both Olbermann and Simmons will land on their feet, however it is a telltale sign that older and more seasoned workers will continue to be targeted in order to increase the bottom line.


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