The Deal-Let Him In

You did not obey, you refused to follow His Word. Yeah, you got it going on, you know the deal.  You follow the world rather than follow God’s Word. Yeah, it’s called rebellion, the prudent and easy thing to do is rebel. So many people have done it in the past. It is a staple within our being.

It’s real easy to sin, takes little effort anyone can do it. However  the clear choice, the hard choice is to walk the straight and narrow path of The Lord, but we are too dumb, too fixed in the ways of the evil one to listen!

Yeah it’s a choice between good and evil, it’s up to you to choose, yeah that’s the deal. Which road will you choose? If you’re smart you will choose Jesus, it is that simple. All you got to do is ask for His forgiveness and accept Him (Jesus) as your Savior. Then you will be free!

Seal the Deal today…..Jesus is Lord! Open the door and let Him in!


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