The Deal- Mrs. Graham




I remember Mrs. Graham. She was the best teacher I ever had. She challenged me, sometimes upset me, but there was a quality that she had that struck a chord with me, she brought out the best in me. It wasn't until the fourth grade that I had the pleasure of learning from Mrs. Graham, everyone in the school thought she was mean, I was no exception.

She had a way of scaring the day lights out of you, however she equally had a knack of bringing the best out of me for that reason she qualifies as the best teacher and mentor that I ever had. To be honest, Mrs. Graham was special in the true sense of the word. She never held back and would be brutally honest with me and even though she never told me she thought I was special, I always got the feeling from her that I was. She had that effect on me.

I never forgot the day that Mrs. Graham visited my father's church to hear him preach. It was an unannounced visit, but it was one of the proudest days of my life, that she would take the time to visit my father's church. She was a special woman from whom I learned an awful lot. Many years have passed and Mrs. Graham has passed on, but teachers are important and many can bring out the best in you. They can help you soar to new heights and help you to dream of what if.

That's what Mrs. Graham did for me! Today I still dream of what if………. the story continues.





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