The Deal- The Wilderness II

When you’re in the wilderness it is quite the experience. There are many scenarios in  the wilderness,  sickness, job loss, stagnation, seems it is cold and dreary there. It is important that you keep things in prospective through your journey in the thick woods a place you’ve never, ever been. All of us have been there.

You know, God has a purpose for what we perceive as misfortune. Even though we feel sorry for ourselves and have a tendency to ask why? We soon learn it is counter productive. We come to our senses and realize there is more positives to this situation than meets the eye.

You know, I’ve learned more during this time than I ever dreamed. Discovered things I never knew. I learned to appreciate the things that are important in life. But most of all I learned of the presence of God. A small still voice that says, “Keep moving, Keep leaning, and Keep worshiping at a high level. Help is on the way……….He is building you up for a higher calling in your life that you never imagined. That my friend is the wilderness. Embrace it and reap the benefits.



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