Steve Harvey’s Comments On Slavery Unfortunate

I just learned of the unfortunate remarks that Steve Harvey made regarding slavery. He was responding to a simple question regarding the topic from a concerned viewer who felt uncomfortable addressing this shameful part of our history when asked by her friends. This is in fact relevant history given it is Black History Month. The freedom of black slaves is the most important event in American History. A Civil War was fought for our Freedom and that should not be trivialized. An appropiate response from Mr. Harvey would have been to give this woman talking points as she was not aware of history behind the issue of slavery.


The truth is we would not be free today if it were not for white Americans who risked their lives for the cause of eliminating slavery. Thousands of Union Soldiers died fighting for our Freedom. White Abolistionist put their lives on the line working with slaves and other concerned Americans to create the Underground Railroad which Harriet Tubman and others used to guide runaway slaves to freedom. Black and white people alike have a vested legacy of activism that helped free the slaves. Together this is our history as Americans.


Steve Harvey had a platform for discussion that he let it slip from his grasp. Slavery is not just African American History, it is also a prominent and important legacy of the descendants of Abolistionist who were white, who lost their lives, and Union soldiers who were white, who fought so that we would have freedom and finally freed slaves who fought and gave their lives so we could have the opportunites that Mr. Harvey enjoys today. This was a teaching moment and not a moment to run away from. Slavery is part of American History. When asked by a viewer how to address questions like these when they come up, Steve Harvey said, he does not care about slavery (this is the cleaned up version). This was his response. That response is a disservice to both White and Black Americans who deserve to have honest and open dialogue concerning our history.





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