Newspapers Are Quietly Surviving

Newspapers are in trouble, however for some strange reason I am of the opinion that they will survive in one form or the other. One would be inclined to believe that the death of newspapers is imminent and for good reason. Circulation has declined and with it the hard earned and coveted readership that drives the revenue ship. With that said advertisers will determine their fate and diversification will be an equal side kick that will ride in from the west and save them.


At least that is the story for the day, good enjoyable reading to say the least. For the survival bid to be successful, newspapers will need to partner with online companies and regional networks as they have in the past. Of course the gigantic media companies that conveniently rely on the broadcast media arm of the business will rely heavily on sharing the revenue train that broadcast can provide. In short newspapers have a plan of attack and you can be sure they will hang on to revenue and strategic partnerships with multiple media players for years to come.



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