The Reason Jeremy Lin Is A Rocket

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Jeremy Lin was destined to have a short stay in New York the moment Linsanity became a brand, and his departure to the Houston Rockets illustrates how Jim Dolan’s love of celebrity has resulted in an entire generation of suffering Knick fans.

Dolan, the CEO of MSG, which owns the basketball team as well as the NHL’s Rangers, loves to be loved by sports celebrities and it has cost the team and its supporters dearly. Dolan’s like the guy who keeps chasing beautiful, but creepy women and wonders why his relationships never work out.

Once Lin’s star began to shine, there was absolutely no way Carmelo Anthony was ever going to share the ball with Lin no matter what he was telling the media. Dolan gave Anthony the keys to the franchise last year and Anthony was not about to let Lin drive the car down Broadway. It’s…

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