Little Rock Central High School



Little Rock Central High School, yes the same high school that was one of the first High Schools to desegregate in the south, is perhaps a living contradiction today in 2015. One can only ask why? The Little Rock Nine, Nine back students who dared have the courage to participate in the desegregation of the high school in the fifties, faced an environment ripe with racism but persevered and desegregated the school.

It is a tragedy to see what Little Rock Central High School has become today. It is two schools segregated in the very same building. Today, blacks and whites go to great lenghts to separate themselves literally within the same building. Federal funding and recognition is the Hallmark of this school, it is a tradegy that black children choose to not benefit from them. Not because of discrimination, no because of their own apathy and some cases, irresponsibility. That is the tradegy of Little Rock Central High School. The desegregation failed and the school is separate and unequal because it is segregated within.

This is the irony of Little Rock Central High School. It is literally an unmitigated failure nurtured by a school that in 2015 is separate and not equal in the same building. Things do change, but ultimately remain the same. That is the lessons we learned in 2015. Until blacks and whites decide to intermingle within the confines of the same building, nothing will change. Unless blacks decide they want to work hard to take advantage of opportunites that are available to them at Little Rock Central High School things will remain the same. With everything in life choices are everything and blacks need to choose to be better and strive to learn, no one will give you a hand out however you can give yourself a hand up if you so choose.



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