African Children Are Being Exploited in The Congo

Convergence of Relevant Stuff

The next time you walk into the room and notice your child playing video games take note. The next time Christmas rolls around and your child ask for a Madden 2009; it should give you room for pause. Are perhaps your son or daughter would like a blackberry or an AT&T I-Phone. Simple request that perhaps you could easily fulfill. After all the glitter of TV commercials, showing the kids text messaging in a language only they know, can be appealing and down right funny. Our frivolity in America cannot be rivaled. There certainly is a price to pay for the cell phones.

I’m not writing about going over your anytime minutes. Or being charged extra for exceeding your text messaging limit. I’m not even talking about the $50 dollars or so that you pay to EA Sports for the latest video game. No, it’s a higher price than that…

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