What Makes Lincoln So Fascinating?

What makes the history of Lincoln so facinating to us all? Perhaps it is all the things that Lincoln stood for despite the fact that nearly all these things ran contray to popular opinion doing his time. This in my opinion defined Lincoln's life and also made an indelible impression on his Presidency. This is what made Lincoln so facinating. As President he stood for very unpopular things, like standing up to preserve the Union, taking a dangerous stand against slavery and he dared to orchestrate a war against rebellious factions of our Union, southern rebels.

Lincoln had tremendous courage and he ultimately paid the price for it with his life. Despite this, in my opinion Lincoln saved the Union from destoying it's soul by siding with abolitionist among others, to free the slaves and using freed slaves to put down the rebellion called the Civil War. Because of this one great man, who reluctantly took a stand to denounce slavery and put down a rebellion that threatened to destroy the Union, we now today enjoy the freedom and diversity that defines America. We're still not perfect but his legacy set the tone and soul of America and laid a blueprint against intolerance and prejudice.




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