The Killing of Black Men Has To Stop!

Those of us who are old enough to remember we remember the Bravery of Rosa Parks. We remember the bravery of the Little Rock nine, who helped to desegregate schools in Little Rock, Arkansas. We remember Rosa Parks decision to not given up her seat because of her race. She went to jail for this act.

For those of us old enough to remember, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King taking up the mantle of Civil Rights cause that lasted over 15 more years. We remember when Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights act that changed the face of this country. We remember all of this. The people who lost their lives for so called equal rights and equal justice. Yet today in 2014 we see all the progress of equal rights and equal justice wiped away in the streets of Ferguson Missouri, in the parks of Cleveland, Ohio and yes in the streets of New York city. Yes all are tragedies and the victims or black men. The remnants of Modern day lynching. It all must stop.

Many of these men weren't perfect, they were unarmed and one a child, carried a toy pistol, yet he was shot by a policeman who aimed at his target from his patrol car no questions asked. Yet this same policemen was deemed incompetent by a nearby Police department where he was an employee! However the Cleveland Police department hired this same man who killed this black child only 12 years old.

That my friend is the America of the new new millienium. America the killing of black men has to stop!!



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