The Deal- Layoffs and Certain Trends

Often we glance at symbols that remind us of our journey. It is like an inner blueprint that defines our existence and shines a light on where we are going. Little do we realize that our steps are ordered craft-fully to ensure that we will reach our destination. Stay in tune, clear your mind and listen.

It is interesting to look back on the day when the workforce was healthy and alive. Layoffs were a mere pipe dream and progress was an unspoken reality. Yes we were full of oursleves and yes we strived to be. We knew we were all that and a bag of chips. Yes we were.

But in the the course of our reality we learned that we are not at all immune from the dread disease called layoffs. Yes that is the new norm, the new trend that knocked on our door unannounced and literally took over our homes in prime time no less. That is our reality now. It is a house guest that want even think about leaving and yes, we simply cannot get this one guest to leave.

No need to call the swat team, this is like a disease strain on steroids, controlled by free thinkers the likes of which we have never seen. I' m continually amazed by it. Survivors know how to navigate despite the onslaught of an enemy that we don't understand.



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