The Deal- All Things Work Together for Our Good

Convergence of Relevant Stuff

We have lost our step. It seems our footing is tentative at best. Causing us to take more than a second look back. The after shocks or enormous. Somehow we must find our way to make it through the challenges of life. Yeah you never thought it would come to this, but you know what, our reality is what it is. God spoke to us about it, but just like in biblical times in our misquided wisdom, we ignored it.

Now its time for us to evaluate where we are going. Yet in our human wisdom we never seem to get it right. Now that’s a problem!

You know we can only take one step at a time to find our way out of the maze. One thing is definite, we need a guide to navigate our path out of this intense fog. Jesus is our guide. Look to Him…

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