The Deal- Baggage

There's hope even when we feel discouraged. This situation did not work out, someone you knew let you down, you just can't trust people! You pride yourself in being a survivor, You can really analyze any situation, because You know. You're all that and a bag of chips. I'm special, no on else on earth is like me.

Don't kid yourself and certainly don't eat to much “Full of it Pie”, it will deliver much more than a stomach ache. How about heart ache, and it's not a beautiful thing! Do yourself a favor and drop the higher than thou attitude…………too much to carry in your back pack. Yeah this baggage can pull you down.

Check it out, you ain't all that! The evil one is spreading lies. The antidote is the WORD, don't leave home without it. It 's more powerful than frequent flyer miles.

It's your ticket to a better place, find it!



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