Obama Will Not Change His Agenda Because of the Republican Landslide

Obviously the Republicans are gloating over taking over the Senate and securing their dominance over Congress. They expect Obama to fall in line and bow down to them. A funny thing happened the Day after the Election, Obama showed no respect to the victors, in fact he acted rather unfazed toward the Republican victors.

In fact, he mentioned that the only reason the Republicans won was because half of America did not vote. We don't need a rocket scientist to figure this one out. President Obama was not on the ticket and no one with the political charisma like Obama was on the ticket. To add insult to misery and injury this will be the way things will play out until the 2016 Presidential election, then everyone will vote in full force.

Your guess is as good a mine as to why the Americans were led to vote for old tired Republicans who will surely try to set back political progress some 50 years. They have two years to do it. Those who voted for them, best of luck, lets hope you don't regret it.




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