Living Way Above your Circumstances

What drives your belief system? What characteristics make up your value system? Perhaps it may take you a while to truly analyze this question. This is not a test and you will not be graded on it. It is merely food for thought in arriving at a mental diagnostic test of your belief priorities. It is not easy taking an inventory of the inner most feelings and emotions that control us and have a high priority in pursuit of a “call to action” in our life.

When we make a decision we expect that our decisions are sound, because our life experience has taught us that they are. A popular notion is “The best predictor of what someone will do in the future is the behavior that person has shown in the past”. All things considered, this is a sound hypothesis. It has been used many times and often employed when selecting a job candidate or when making an important decision.

We operate in these areas at a handicap; that is we do to have the ability to see into the future; we can only make predictions, based on hypothesis. Our ability to make decisions and expect the desired outcome is less than zero percent. That is a very low, almost non existent success rate. Yet that is how we make our decisions in life. It is without a doubt trial and error; in fact much error.

So where does that leave us? How can we insure that we can choose a direction that will be beneficial to us all? We can’t insure our success. We do not have that ability. So we search through life trying to acquire that ability. Perhaps it is some fad diet program that put us on some sure fire regime that will help us lose pounds and discover our inner self. Maybe we decide to sign up for some success seminar featuring people who have been quite successful in life. Often they have reached the pinnacle for success. We try their program and we experience some success, but it is by no means reliable or sustainable.

Most things in life our fleeting. By now you should get the gist if this excerpt; it shows that we are lost in controlling our satisfaction and for that matter; our destiny. Is it such a great idea to rely on worldly trends, fads and direction, when it in fact leads you nowhere and does nothing for you in guaranteeing happiness? A popular expression is “No one said that life would be easy”? Are how about this one: There are no guarantees in life?

There is one thing that IS guaranteed. It is often overlooked. It can put you on a career track. You may never know what the future holds, but you will have a guaranteed ticket for eternal life; not just here on earth, but for eternity. How would you like to remove all worry? I’m not taking about removing life’s problems; you will always have them, because we live in a fallen world (more to come on this in another blog).

You cannot run from problems, but you can learn to live with them and live in abundance. I call it “Living Above Your Circumstances”. Almighty God by his grace gave us his only Son, Jesus Christ who died on Calvary long time ago. He took back the keys to these earths that were stolen from us when Adam the first man disobeyed God. The only way to take back God’s gift was to give us the gift of grace by sacrificing his only Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ, who died on Calvary for our sins. Doing that final act Jesus eliminated worry. He gave us peace to live above our circumstances on this earth. He made it possible for us to have eternal life. He gave us the deluxe package. You do not have to pay a fee to get this service. You do not sign a contract or a wavier. The service will never be revoked. There will never be an adjustment for inflation. You don’t have to worry about missing the deadline to act. It is a standing offer. All you have to do in confess your sins to Jesus and ask Him to come into your life and accept him as Your Savior.

It is a gift of Grace. A gift of love. Ask Him today. Pick up a copy of the Holy Bible and read it from cover to cover. The Holy Spirit and God's Son Jesus will come to live within you and give you the discernment that you will need to face any challenge that life puts in front of you. All you have to do is step out in Faith and believe in Jesus. Remember; “No one comes to the Father (Almighty God) except through Jesus Christ”.

Posted 19th March 2009 by Administration



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