This Racist Cartoon Published in the Boston Herald


This racist cartoon was published in the Boston Herald and what's more the Herald refuses to take the cartoon down from it's website. The Herald employee who published it thought it was appropiate to use the satire while using the reference to watermelon the age old reference implying that all African Americans eat and love watermelon, a racially offensive stereotype. This has been going on for centuries and it is offensive.
This raises a larger question concerning why is this degradation happening to the President of the United States? It never happened to other Presidents, yet President Obama is subjected to prejudiced bullying and degradation. Yet the editor says he has no ill intent. Yeah, but the days of Bull Conner are alive in well in America! We cannot even show respect to President Barack Obama, because in the eyes of America he is just a Black man in the White House and many in this nation refuse to accept that reality. Apparently the Boston Herald approves of racially offensive material in it's publications. Trust me, racism in American is still alive and well, and no we have not overcome bigotry.
Furthermore the Herald needs to quickly provide all employees racial sensitivity training. And we wonder why newspapers are closing one after the other.



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