The Deal- Your Talents??


Many times we get all wrapped up in our own self-importance. We are pleased with what we can do, the influence that we have, the power that we have over people, and we begin to be pleased with ourselves. But we seem to have a knack to get things done, to influence people. How great am I that I can do the things I do? How vain, how shortsighted.


Not once do we consider that these talents did not come from us. Not once do we consider how did this happen? Not once did we consider when we were young before we knew anything it seemed that I could do these things without much effort.


We'll consider this, you received these talents not by your own doing, not by your own will Because you always had an unexplainable ability to do the things you do and do them well, in your self-praise, you never stopped once to consider where it really came from. The answer is it came from someone greater than you. He gave you these talents and you should be using them for the honor and glory to God..


No you did not create the world God did and the talents you have God gave them to you. What have you done with them for Him? If you wasted your life listening to others praise you and basking in your own glory step back and know that by God's grace and generosity he gave you your abilities, now before it's too late give back to Him, by using your abilities for His Glory and His kingdom.



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