The Deal- A Seasoned Man’s Spoken Word

I think about the times, the hours of the day, when life was pure, life was good.

I felt invincible, I felt unique -all wraped up in a product called me. Yes, wrapped in a product called me.

I was in the zone, the product of confusion, little did I know I was living an illusion. Too young to see, too young to care, the gist of the matter I had burden's to bear.

A funny thing happend as the years went by, setbacks, sickness, job loss, family issues, and similar things all confronted me, yet taught me lessons. It's still not about me!!

Now I'm seasoned, some call it old, some call it mature and that is the course of things, life is not easy, yet I still live the dream. The dream is about Jesus and that's no lie, He's with me now as I reflect.

You know it's cool that I had to learn that life's not easy and you need a friend. I got a friend, I got a friend. Oh what a friend we have in Jesus!!!

Just open the door and let him in! Open the door and let Him in!



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