The Deal- Just Hold Out And Wait On The Lord

God is good and His mercy endures forever. If you don't know God, if you don't know His Son Jesus Christ, ask yourself can you afford not to know Him? God helped you that time when you were laid off, and somehow despite the cirmcumstances you got the job you wanted right when your family needed it. Remember the time when you got a break from your professor and he let you take a make up test, you needed it in order to qualify to graduate from college.

Remember the time when you were scared to death, because you had to take a test that the doctor ordered. You prayed and prayed all night and The Lord miraculously delivered, the test was negative. You know God watches over His own, even when you do not know He's there. That is the gist of it, God answers prayers in His own time and His own way. Just hold out and wait on The Lord.



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