LeBron Should Stay with The Team That Brought Him This Far.

I guess I am old school my thoughts on this entire situation is that LeBron has way too many people in his head; family, friends, and hangers on. Maybe he wants to please everyone. That is a noble goal but the thing is, LeBron should know this, if he really wanted to go to Cleveland, he would have met with them and committed. it is very presumptuous for the Cavs to do all that work, trades and such to prepare for LeBron James. I will give you an old school analogy. Its a page right from the Andy Griffin show. I told you I was old school. Barney mistakenly thinks Andy is getting married (this reminds me of LeBron's agent). So what does Barney do, he round everyone up in town to witness Andy propose to Helen. In reality Andy had no such intention to propose to Helen.

There you have it in a nutshell the townsfolk are goading LeBron to do something he really does not want to do. His wife did not win championships and reached the NBA finals four years in a row and his agent certainly did not. They are running an end run on LeBron. Just like Andy, LeBron needs to put an end to this madness, go back to Miami and follow your dream. It's his best chance to win seven championships.



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