How The Game Of Basketball Has Changed

Basketball has evolved into a game where players are fast and creative. The game no longer is an inside- out game. The play starts on the perimeter and from there players create their own shot or kick the ball out to the open man for the three, a big change from 30 years ago. It is innovative and creative. The pull up jumper is still a product of the game, however the step- back move, cross over, and jab step are all effective moves as well. The game is a lot faster, however shooting has suffered.

Back in the day there were many pure shooters and shooting was a science. Pure shooters that come to mind were Rick Mount, Larry Bird, Austin Carr, and the Like. Today John Wall and Kimba Walker are both players who can get to the basket in a hurry.


Pete Maravich is the most creative player ever. He could do literally anything with the ball, pass, dribble and shoot in short he was a showman.

I would be remiss if I did not include LeBron James in the mix.






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