The Deal- The Ultimate Controller

Have you ever tried to analyze what will happen in any given situation in your life? Perhaps it is a situation at your job and you find your self looking at your inner “slide show”, that mysteriously developed into a full blown movie. No we have not seen the trailer! We are very creative in that regard. You wrote the script you know, never mind that it is only in your mind. However it constanly changes before you've even planned the final chapter. In the end the entire outcome has absolutely nothing to do with the crafted script that you devised.

It is at these times that we learn that we are only human, we can't do any of these things……….

Walk on water

Control people or outcomes

Predict the future

Solve the problems of man

Guarantee that every situation will have a happy ending

Yeah it is a let down but the takeaway is that we must learn to let go and let be. What will be is out of our control and we can never control it with our thoughts or wishes. We must learn to do what is in our power and give the rest to God. We must learn to let go and Let God be who he is. He is the ultimate controller and has your best interest at heart!



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