Did The Spurs Intentionally Create a “Heated” Environment In Game One?

I'm going on record here to state that I beleive the Spurs intentionally created air conditioning problems in game 1 of the Heat-Spurs series. Apparently it is a known fact that LeBron James has cramping issues. So this is in no way a huge revelation. Everyone in the NBA knows this. If anyone thinks that a team will not crank up the heat to create a very fair advantage for the the home team, you are totally naive. This was and is a clear tactic to give a team an unfair advantage. Red Auerbach did it in the old Boston Garden all the time. Jason Terry, who played for the Dallas Mavericks said that the Spurs aren't adverse to trying anything to get anadvantage. Once he claims they put a snake in the Locker room to create an unfair advantage.

The conventional wisdom is that you still must prepare for these tactics and be ready to face it. Ask yourself this question, when was the last time you remember that a team and fans had to suffer through these conditions? This game was not held in 1954, this was a game played this year, 2014. Air conditioning problems should not be an issue. It is one thing to create an advantage for your team, however it is another thing to put fans at risk to heat exposure in an uncomfortable arena.



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