My Take on Russell Westbrook

I'm just an occassional viewer of the OKC Thunder games, however here is an observation. Russell Westbrook is a ball hog and a shooter. It is obvious he is not a point guard. He is not a compliment to Kevin Durrant and OKC will never win a championship with him on the team. Charles Barkley feels the same way. By now you have most likely seen Barkley's rant on Russell Westbrook. This guy wll be out of the league in a few years, primarily because he is a wanna be star and a “Gunner”, an old school term for player who shoot first and ask questions later.

This guy is a detriment to the progress of the Thunder, no doubt. I believe he has some talent, but tons of ego. That's what got him into the NBA, however it is not getting OKC anywhere. It is time for Westbrook to stop hogging the ball and start distributing it.


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