The Deal- Take The Prize!

Sometimes you must sit back and contemplate, involves some deep thinking. In short- it's a difficult situation. One that you simply have no answers. Nothing in your back pocket. You only have God. He can sense. No he knows the situation. It just takes a point when you realize your vernability and you simply, you simply cry out. You see The Lord is the only one that can cure this situation.

So you throw everything out and its just you and The Lord and His Son Jesus Christ. You rely on this world and you forgot- This world merely takes, never helps! So you feel no fear, just anticipation after you reach out to The Lord, from where your help comes, through Jesus Christ. Suddenly the burden is lifted, you don't know when, you don't know how. This stuff is bigger than you! Just accept that Jesus Loves you and take the prize. TAKE THE PRIZE!



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