The Deal-Let Him In

Sometimes we get all self rightous, we have no remorse. Everything we've done even though it was wrong, we want admit it. That's the problem, our bone headed pride gets in the way of progress. You know, moving from a bad place to a good place. It's a problem. So we emerge ourselves in ourselves. It's a bad thing. You know we need to cleanse ourselves every once in a while. God wants to keep us honest. That's a good thing.

So it requires an action from you. That being to ask for forgiveness. It a simple thing, but the enemy within is trying to stop you from taking that step. Stand up, be a man, be a woman, admit your misdeed and ask for forgiveness. Jesus will lead you the rest of the way, down the road, where the bridge is out. Follow it and let Him in, He will lead you over that bridge!



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