Donald Sterling, Racism and The Supreme Court In America

This country has dealt with the issue of racism for hundreds of years. For some who believe that the issue of racism is beyond us and over, take heart It is clearly not over. We are still in the mist of the battle and their is absolutely no end in sight.

Just a few weeks ago a conservative Supreme Court ruled that there is no longer a need for affirmative action in college admittance for students. According to the infinite wisdom of the Supreme Court we have moved on from that. Our society is now color blind. Everyone is treated equal, regardless of their color. That my friend is more than a bald face lie, it is a travesty. This is just one example of how the majority has felt compelled to sweep issues or concerns regarding racism under the rug.

Yet in 2014 racism still rears it low life head, this is seen in the allege despicable comments of one Donald Sterling, owner for the LA Clippers. It is a travesty that we can even entertain thoughts that racism no longer exist in America. I felt compelled to write about this because it is important that we address the comment that were allegedly made by Donald Sterling, the LA Clippers owner. All of these comments are not surprising that the Clippers owner Donald Sterling probably made them. An investigation is currently in the works regarding these comments.

By now you have seen reports or heard comments regarding the purported comments of Donald Sterling. Lets just say he possibly has a problem with black people. That is nothing new, lots of people weather they admit it or not have problems with black people in America. We have over a 400 year history in racism directed at African Americans in America. Martin Luther King once said “We shall Overcome”, now We as African Americans are saying “We have not overcomed racism.” That is our reality. Until everyone in America comes to terms with this, we will have still more racist comments. This is a wake up call that racism against African Americans is alive and well in America and once again the Supreme Court misjudged the existence of racism in America.



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