When Newspapers Were Giants

I am 35 year veteran of print media. I worked as an advertising executive for six newspapers across America.

Old advertising executives never die, they just fade away. That's an old saying that is particularly relevant today in these changing times for the newspaper industry. Without a doubt it is a dying industry that will never again experience the days when newspapers were media giants and no our media platform could think about taking the place of the product that you could touch and feel and share engaging moments each and everyday.


Newspapers were king when everyone subscribed to a newspaper. It was your friend when you wanted to enjoy insightful reading along with a morning cup of coffee. Now that it is a distance routine doomed to an untimely death due to a number of unimaginable circumstances that remain out of our control.


It was time when all of us as newspaper executives had dreams of being a publishers, leading the charge for first amendment rights of free speech and the right to report the news and distribute it better than any other media outlet known to man. We believed we had a higher challenge, a higher calling and we put ourselves on some ivory tower bellowing the constitution of print media when everyone would listen and we were kings and queens, or at least we believed we were. A funny thing happened after nearly 100 years, God put us in our place. We weren't media giant. We did not sit on an exalted throne. No, the throne was taken away and now it is just a stump.


There are so many factors that contributed to the slow and steady death of print media. Many media companies are still hanging on by the skin of their teeth. It is however a sinking ship and we all struggled to hang on.



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