Letterman’s Retirement is a Watershed Moment

Late night has taken the plunge the networks or slowing turning toward youth. David Letterman just announced his retirement and for good reasons. He is tired, he is obviously old, and he is becoming increasingly irrelevant. TV viewership is increasingly younger. Let's face it Letterman needed to get out while he could and not tarnish his image or reputation. If you are an old head like me, then you can certainly read the hand writing on the wall. We're old!! You know what? That's ok! It's a beautiful thing!

There is a youth movement alive and kicking and trust me this is not new. The big news is not that Letterman is retiring. It is not even about who will replace him, although that will be interesting conversation. It is about the direction that America is heading and this is yet another signal that the future and this country belongs to Americans age 40 and below. Enjoy the ride.



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