Richard Sherman Chimes In On DeSean Jackson His Childhood Friend

Seattle's Richard Sherman wrote an enlightening article on DeSean Jackson that explains the difficulties that kids growing up in Watts and South Central face. If you lived in these neighborhoods as DeSean and Richard did, you were in the mist of violence and in the mist of the fire. There is literally no separation from your friends and you do all you can to stay out of trouble. When someone makes it in the neighborhood you try to be mentors for your friends who are left behind. It is a fact of violent city life. In the link to the post that Richard Sherman wrote, I think you will understand, that most football players and many people in life live in the same conditions, but they aren't lucky enough to get a free ticket out of the “hood.” For them life is filled with tragedy. it is a familiar story.

Check out the link below………………..

by Richard Sherman 04/02/2014



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