Citizen Journalist, You Are One

With the advent of Facebook,You-Tube, Blogs, Vimeo, iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones, Android and iPhones, plus computers equipped with email, and text messages, there is no such thing as fresh original news. Today our news is instant and everyone is a journalist, a Citizen Journalist.

If you're reading this post you are probably a Citizen Journalist. You don't need a formal education to become a journalist. All you need is a mobile communication platform and that makes you a reporter and an advocate, 24/7 per day. New technology has bum rushed traditional journalism and all but corraled it. Now seasoned journalist find themselves struggling to survive, because big media companies can no longer compete. They do not have the resources to do so.

If you have a business, advertising executives are calling on you to offer services to build your website, many even help you to improve your SEO, if you're smart you will tell them to remove themselves from your building because you can get all these services for free or a minimal fee yourself. Now everyone is a digital expert, and media executives are no where near being experts. Trust me I know. I worked in the newspaer industry for over 34 years. They come to you each week with some really stupid and ill conceived services. If you're smart you want buy it.

Most business owners I know simply take the perks, free lunches and concert tickets and use it for their advantage. What does this tell you about the industry as a whole? It is dying. The cornerstone and the foundation of any media company is on the business side. That is where the money is brought in and any media company that says they are upholding first amendment rights by writing and reporting stories that keep the public informed is misleading you and the public. The Citizen Journalist, keep you informed. Not traditional Journalist. If you have one of the mobile gadgets listed above, guess what, you are a citizen Journalist.

Citizen Journalist in action…………….



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