More on Wichita State And How They Will End Up In The Big Dance

People during these times have no idea how to rate a team. Everyone is hung up on seeding in the NCAA tournament. So you will get a better chance to get to the final four. In reality. None of it means anything. Eventually you will have to beat a team that is for real and then its time to put up or shut up. For those who say in season scheduling does not matter, really don't know a thing about basketball. Some coaches actually prefer to play the toughest team early in order to get better win or lose. If you are scheduling to go 31-0 like Wichita State, then you will pay the price at the end of the year, because you have not played the best teams. You did not give yourself a chance to get better. Coach Marshall is more than a step ahead of any coach in the MVC. That's why he is winning. He is a better recruiter and a better coach than anyone in the MVC.

If you beat Kansas, Duke, Syracuse , the big boys, and you played at least 8 eight of them in preseason and beat them, then you have a legit team. That did not happen. The best signature win that Wichita State had was St. Louis, an Atlantic 10 team, that is their signature win. Yet you have half the country saying they will do well in the NCAA's. Look, Wichita State is not going to sneak up on anyone this year, whoever they play in the tournament will have a game plan and will not take them lightly Wichita State has not been tested this year. That is the reason they will not win the NCAA. They may make the round of sixteen or maybe the final eight. I will be totally surprised if they reach the Final Four.

To celebrate as if they won a national championship when the business at hand is to win the NCAA is ridiculous. Down play it and just play. Now everyone will be gunning for them, trust me. They want say it publically, but trust me coaches and players watched that celebration and all the sportcaster talking about them. They will pay for it.

I am a Louisville fan and Lousiville barely beat Wichita State last year. Louisville often loses to teams they have no business losing to, but they also learn from their loses that is the exact reason they have won three national championship two under Denny Crum and one under Pitino. Denny Crums philosophy was always play the best teams early in pre-conference games. He believed this is the only to get better. He took teams to the Final Four and won two National championships with this philosophy. You cannot get better without playing the best early in the season. That is exactly Louisville problem this year.

Rick Pitinio believes in scheduling mid major teams in preseason. He ends up losing to teams he has no business losing to, simply becasue he did not schedule to get better. Scheduling to get better is a proven formula that every big name coach is aware of. If Wichita State wants to be the best they need to play the best. Winning 31-0 regular season games will elevate Greg Marshall and he probably will leave Wichita State. Only then will he get a taste of recruiting and playing with the top echelon teams.



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