The Deal- The Wait

You’re waiting for an answer, this senario,  that senario, they both constantly weigh on your mind, your soul. You’re asking, constantly asking the Lord for a way out. Yeah, “He said ask and you shall receive.” That seems like a valid promise. We’ll take that! But wait, there’s more! You have to do your own due diligence. You never thought The Lord has work for YOU to do before you receive the prize…… Did You? Guess what he often does.

Your charge is to grow your faith, honor The Lord and know that He is working on your behalf, unseen, not heard, and certainly not on the film at 11 PM! So grow your faith learn a few things, and you know He wants you to do that! When He’s ready. I mean really ready, He will act. It’s a beautiful thing! Be patient and wait.