Mike Vick will Make the Most of His Third Chance

Lets get this out of the way. Mike Vick will be a starter somewhere in the NFL next season. We will find out soon where that destination will be. In the meantime, there are still lots of haters out there, understandably so. Vick paid his debt to society and for four years in Philadelphia he was more than a model citizen. He will get another chance because he is intriquing as a quarterback and he poses multiple threats.

During the Andy Reid years Vick was not used correctly and Marty Morningwig had him throwing way too many passes. Furthermore, the O-Line was terrible. Vick got beat up every single game. Also, the reps did not protect or police the game by calling unnecessary roughness. They wanted Vick to get hurt. Here was a man knowing that he had to make the most of this second chance because of what he did. He had no choice but to take it. It was not easy. Living in the Philadelphia market I saw the beating that Vick took on the field every Sunday. One thing I know about Vick, He is one tough Football player and person. He got no help from anyone in Philly.

He also evolved into a model citizen whether people want to give him credit or not. Philly is a tough market. If you can suirvive there, anywhere else in the country is a piece of cake. If he gets protection and he plays in the right system running a balanced offense and a system that embraces his athleticism, Mike Vick will thrive once again. In my opionion Philadelphia was not the right market for Vick. However it made him stronger.



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