Floyd Norman’s Appearance On The View

The first black animator that Walt Disney ever hired appeared on The View today. Floyd Norman appeared today ( Tuesday) on The View. Contrary to popular opinion Walt Disney was open enough to hire Floyd Norman, who was instrumental in developing animations for Micky Mouse and for Donald Duck. He is now publishing a book highlighting black characters for an updated version of the Jungle Book.

Floyd said he really liked working for Disney and that Disney often walked around at night to see what was going on. He was a pretty hands on manager.




Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Proposes Free Two Year Community College Education For Low Income Residents

Governor Bill Haslam of Tennesse announced a plan to allow low income residents of the state, excluding illegal immigrants, to get a two year community college education for free. The program will be paid for from state Lottery proceeds. At first blush this is a much needed program for a state that has recently ranked dead last in education. Being from Tennesee. I think it is a welcomed and needed measure.

The plan still faces opposition from some, but Tennessee needs to get it's head out of the sand in a number of areas, healthcare, education, resources for the poor. The state has a minimal property tax, no state tax, so they have little resources to fund anything because residents do not want to pay for anything. Particularly when it has anything to do with low income residents. Tennessee is a great state, however in recent years Republicans have stymied growth and as a result Tennessee has suffered. When you are ranked dead last in education in the country, something really needs to be done.

Republican Governor Haslam needs to be commended for this bold plan. Lets see if it is shut down by non-progressive republicans in a state that sorely needs programs like this.