The Poet’s Corner- All Sales Final!

You know better, you said you would do it today,

Something stopped you, held you up, did not allow you to seal the deal,

Yet you elected to excuse your self from a windfall,

You know it was right in your hand, you said you wanted it, but you wavered,

Good luck with that !

You can't hesitate, as they do on Jeopardy, I'll take Hesitate for $50,

Naw, there's no daily double today, He gave you a chance, you passed it up,

The Good News, His Good News is He always leaves an exist, a way out,

So you can hit the daily double, just like the final round, but this is not a game!

Move toward it this time, all you got to do is ask, He's not behind a door, He waiting right there in your presence,in your peace.

Once you do, you'll be glad you did…………….Just Ask!

Jesus, I'm sorry, forgive me, be The Lord of my life!

BJ- A not So Known Poet, Feb 4, two thousand fo-teen

“A little bit of prose ain't hurt no one”