42- A Baseball Movie Worth Watching

42, something told me that I needed to get this movie. Never mind that it was not nominated for any academy awards. As I sit here watching I'm not sure that a movie about Jackie Robinson would move the needle. I've seen other movies about this pioneer, someone that I respect, so I just did not have high hopes for it. I brought the DVD from Best Buy, I believe I paid $19 dollars. I brought two movies that day. The other movie was Captan Phillips, contrary to popular opinion, I believe the best actor in that movie was Tom Hanks. It was a good movie.

Okay back to the movie. The stars in the movie were Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson, Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey, Dodgers President. Contrary to some less than stellar reviews, fom the moment I saw the first few scenes, I felt that it was in fact powerful. Branch Rickey was a trailblazer, and someone who had the courage to do something no one else had the courage to do. Sign the first black player in baseball.

The movie did not tell the entire story focusing on Robinson's early career with the Brooklyn Dodgers. However it was a story of baseball and race and how when people understand each other, they can come together. If you have not seen the movie, be sure to get the DVD. Best Buy has it for $19 dollars.




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