The Deal- On The Need to Act

In plain words. We need to move out of our confront zone. I’m not speaking about any specific issues or conditions, howver we all need to act.

What does the Comfort Zone Do To Us?

It stagnates us.

Shields us from problems that we would normally react to.

Stops us from facing issues regarding injustice, that we would normally not tolorate.

Blinds our eyes so that we cannot see problems that we would be ashamed of.

Covers our hearts so we have no regard for our fellow woman and man.

Allows us to place blame on the victim and immobilizes us so we will not act.

Causes us to horde our resources rather than move to help others.

One thing the confort zone want do to me. I will not stop me from writing about the love of Jesus and how His love will give us the courage to act. Do you have the courage to act?

Will you act too? You can act right here right now by writing about the aspects of the human condition that must be changed. I can do better!!!

Will you use your platform to make a difference and make this world better for everyone?


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