The Deal- On Uncomfortable

  • Have you ever found yourself viewing a potential new hire as not quite good enough? Have you every found yourself saying, that you know a person, he a good person and everyone seems to like him, but somehow you just don't like him. You have no reason, he's certainly been nice to you, but you just can't accept him. Is this you, do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable about this person, yet have no reason? Is this person of another race, black, asian, latino? Does skin color sometime make you feel uneasy? Is this you?
  • What is it that bugs you about the person? You know he does good work, he is polite with everyone. No one has a bad thing to say about him, but you just don't like him. Others in your circle of friends feel the same way, however is anyone in your circle of friends like this minority. Yeah but you say I have an asian friend and a black friend that I talk to each day at work. In your mind this gets you off the hook, why, because you talk to a minority at work so that makes you all inclusive. Never mind that you don't have these individuals in your life other than brief encounters at work.
  • Yeah but, I give to minority causes , like starving children in Africa……well said! Do you often say…”I know I don't have minority friends in my life, because they are unapproachable.” Do you feel bad about your feelings? I doubt if you would say no, because every now and then, it bothers you. You know why? Because God is convicting you for your dislike of a person, for literally no reason. He is convicting you for not reaching out right here at home to a minority and not hide behind your feelings by donating to African relief, primarily beacuse it make you feel better.
  • I'm just saying! Everyone needs to feel a little uncomfortable from time to time……. it for a specific purpose.




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