The Deal- How God May Speak To You

You know we're hounded by an adversary, yeah but he has no power. You hold the power It's in you, not the inner voice that tells you no you can't! Don't turn left, keep straight, pass that car. You know that inner voice that everyone of us has in us. But here's the deal……… don't listen to it! It may be the enemy. The enemy will stop you in your track if you let Him. But listen for God's voice, a steady whisper, not in the sound or speaking sense, none the less, when He speaks to you you'll know it. God will make sure of that in the form that he chooses.

He's been around long enough to know how to get your attention. Have you ever been driving and you swirved just enough to avoid hitting the car just in front of you? You're still stumped as to how you avoided it. That is the kind of incident that God uses to get your attention. Are it may be nature speaking to you or a stranger someone you don't know, but curiously he stops you and gives you sound advice, particulary about something you've been struggling with. That how God guides us and sometimes uses other people or perhaps an angel. You will never know, however the Bible gives accounts of how angels announce who they are and why they are there. I never had it happen to me. But trust me, I believe.

Just listen and pay attention to the encounters you may have. You never know if you're speaking to an angel. Yeah you might think, yeah, right! That's okay because God is real and I know it and trust me he uses angels any way he pleases.



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