The Deal-A Sunday Moment!

wpid-Photo-Aug-9-2012-1230-AM.jpgThe Brand. Yeah it’s  not about a marketing idea. It’s not about the brand. It’s not about reach.  It’s not about page views, unique visitors and the like. In our digital world yeah, those things  rank high in the order of things,  they  are important, rank about a ten on a scale. Help us reach one million visitors!  Sure it’s  like winning the lottery.  I dream of it too, you know you’re in the news with all your co-workers holding up a cardboard check, worth one million and change.  They call it a dollar and a dream, or something of that sort.

But dreams are for dreamers, certainly not for you and I?  Right?  You know I’m right? We don’t put our faith in the pipe dream of a dollar and a dream. You know the reality is that we realize after trying hard, and I mean hard, we realize there’s  got to be a better way. I’m not the type to give up. I find a way to win, but we get weary sometimes and that inner voice moves you and ask you just to do one thing. That would be to ask!  He is  a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…. Do you know Him?


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