Where is Marshall Henderson Heading?

Marshall  HendersonWhat we know about Marshall Henderson is that he is  a loose cannon heading toward an oncoming train.  Just like his actions off the field, Henderson’s talent on the court is  similar.  On court he is very inconsistent. But what makes this kid  different on court is that he can put up points in a hurry and make the  trey.

That’s why the guy  could be on some NBA team’s radar eventually.   If he avoids getting into trouble off the court, he may get that chance soon.  That is easier said than done.

I watched a replay of Ole Miss vs Oregon and I came away impressed with the guy.  However I will  include caution  behind that comment.   This guy is erratic and  is a loose cannon, just like he is off the court.  However  he is very creative  on the court and has a knack for canning the Trey, I would say at a 40 to 45 % clip.  Against Oregon,  He scored 39 in a loss, but  lit up the rim.  He was the SEC leading scorer last year.  But he is a basketball bad boy, there have been more before him.   Reminds me of Chris Herron, who ended up at UNLV under Tark  the Shark.

He’s a shooter and on court the guy has talent, however the question is can he be reigned in?


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