Reports: Tom Jurich Will Re-Hire Bobby Petrino

Ok, this is for all conceivable purposes this is a done deal! It will be sealed tomorrow on Thursday. A hurting Tom Jurich went back to the coach who just can't seem to stay put, none other than Bobby Petrino. None of us can say with a straight face that Petrino can't coach. That is the least of our worries. The guy, if he decides to accept this misson and stay put, will win at Louisville. He's won before and yes, he will win again. Petrino can flat out coach.

Is Tom Jurich okay with this? I will answer my own question. I quess he is. Petrino would not be a good guest for the old program “Truth or Consequences”. Let hope this time around he will be honest with Jurich. Because Louisville needs him given the curtain call act that Charlie Strong performed just a few days ago. If you analyze the move by Jurich, it was brilliant. He has been jilted more than any bride could ever imagine. But Tom Jurich is a risk taker and time and time again it has paid off. We can't hold him responsible for Cardinal coaches with a penchant for waiting for the next flight out of Louisville.

All of us remember the Petrino years, they were winning years and quite frankly, he put Louisville on the map. When he left Louisville the program declined and Charlie Strong built them back up, giving them more credibility that any coach in Cardinal history. Now he is gone to Texas to coach football and listen to high end boosters who really believe he is only suited to be a position coach. What a great environment for Strong….. ha! ha! It will be interesting to see how this experiment works out for Strong. Personally, I believe he made a mistake. Louisville is at present a better program than Texas. Particularly going into the ACC. If Petrino can hang on to Strong's recruits and bring in a few of his own, Louisville will not miss a beat.

We need to hang our hats on the Bobby Petrino band wagon at this point. Of course we know there is more to the story with Bobby, stuff that would make a good made for TV movie. But I will say it again……. The guy can coach!



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