Marvin Lewis Should Be Given Another Chance in Cincy

ESPN's Steven A. Smith, has his opinions. That my friend is an understatement. Will leave that conversation for another day. Now he saying that he believes Marvin Lewis needs to be fired, because he has not won a single playoff victory. Yeah in today's world, that's probably right because of the nature of fire them if they don't win in the NFL. However in my opinion it says that owner and general manager is supportive of Marvin Lewis.

There are many intangibles in the front offices in the NFL that Steven A. Smith is not privy to. It is up to the owner who operates the team. Mike Brown owner and operator of the franchise has given Marvin Lewis a vote of confidence. So these are merely empty words from a sportscaster, which holds no water whatsover. Lets give Mike Brown a thumbs up for supporting his coach and not merely throwing him under the bus and then run over him two or three times, like many franchises do. Good luck to Marvin Lewis a great man and coach.



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