The Deal- “The Title Fight!”

The reality is we have an innate ability to succeed. When the world throws a haymaker at you , sure you're stunned. Yeah it caught you off guard. You we're not looking and in a moment you lost your senses. For a while you're like a punch drunk prize fighter not knowing what do do. Then you learn how to bob and weave.

Duck and counter punch, yeah you can beat this sucker be it man or woman or thing, or situation, it dosen't matter. You see that the Holy Spirit is working with you in your corner applying the fix to the wound that the world placed on you with the haymaker. Yeah the haymaker comes in many forms, sickness, death of a love one, a terminal diagnoses, loss of job, or simply loss of a zest for living. Lots of punches in that arsenal.

You have a decision to make. Will you allow the world to defeat you, when The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has already given you the victory? Get off of that stool and fight. Fight as hard as you can in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you don't know Him ask Him right now to come into your life. Ask for forgiveness of your sins. He's already paid the price for you on Calvary. All you got to do is confess your sins and ask. You are merely redeeming your coupon. He's been waiting for you all these years holding that coupon, redeem it today! You'll be glad you did!

For God So Love the World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son. Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish and have eternal life……. John 3:16



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