The Deal- Forgive

You know we have a pity party within the core of our mind when wrong happens to you delivered/performed by some imperfect soul. We sometime reflect on the moment and the person, beacuse it appears comforting. Yeah, the enemy has a way of trying to control our thoughts. But enemy is week, already defeated, don't give him more imagained power, he does not deserve any.

Jesus paid the price on Calvary, the devil is trying to capure your mind, so that you will put yourself in bondage. He has no power beacuse he is already defeated and nothing, no setback, no deceitful person that he enlists in his army can turn you around.

When someone does you wrong, just say, if you can muster the courage that you forgive them, thats a Christ centered life and He will bless you for it!

The Deal on Forgiveness- especially our “enemies”



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