Wimp Sanderson- Former Alabama Coach And Currently a Color Commentator

Wimp Sanderson, in my opinion was an outstanding collge basketball coach in his time. He had excellent players and worked to develop them. Wimp also known by his given name Winfrey has rebranded himself and is still going strong at the age of 76, during play by play by for the CSS sports network. Wimp had his setback, but he has overcomed them and it is a pleasant thing to watch seeing Sanderson during play by bplay for college basketball.

I was able to catch a replay of the game between Chattanooga and Georgia Tech. Given Sanderson's age this is great to see Sanderson still active in the game. His Son Scott Sanderson has been head coach at Lipscomb University in Nashville for over 14 years. Jim, is head coach at Faulkner University in Montgomery, where he led Faulkner to the NAIA championship in 2000 NAIA Championship. Still another son, Barry, a former assistant coach at Wake Forest, Texas A &M , and South Carolina is out of Coaching.

During Wimps time at Alabama he coach some of the greatest SEC players of all time. Sanderson recruited Latrelle Sprewell, Robert Horry and Derrick McKey who all went on have great NBA careers. Eight players who played under Sanderson, made it to the NBA. Mark Gottfried a former player under Sanderson, took over the reigns at Alabama a few years after Sanderson left and coached ther for 10 years.




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